24 hours

Hello friends! Only 24 hours to probably the best and the hardest day of my 20 years of life. I am in Sevilla. It is 4:34 pm. I am sorrounded by chineese tourists in the biggest Starbacks downtown trying to write this post down and charge my phone at the same time. Don’t try this at home children, it requires years and years of experience and training. I just came back from the athletes banquet. The event was located in one of the most beautiful squares in Sevilla. This place is cool! Lunch was prepared on the second floor. There … Continúa leyendo 24 hours


Who is up for an adventure? I am about to start a new journey and I want to share it with you But first of all… Hello everyone! This is my first post so I am going to introduce myself very quick. My name is Guillermo, I am 20 years old and I am spending some time this month with my family in my city Madrid, in Spain. I play tennis, not very good, but good enough to have a tennis scholarship and study in US! I am in Spain just for a couple of months every year the rest … Continúa leyendo 1st POST! | BECOMING AN “IRONMAN” IN 9 DAYS!