24 hours

Hello friends!

Only 24 hours to probably the best and the hardest day of my 20 years of life.

I am in Sevilla. It is 4:34 pm. I am sorrounded by chineese tourists in the biggest Starbacks downtown trying to write this post down and charge my phone at the same time. Don’t try this at home children, it requires years and years of experience and training.

I just came back from the athletes banquet. The event was located in one of the most beautiful squares in Sevilla. This place is cool!




Lunch was prepared on the second floor. There was a big plate of pasta for each participant with salad, fruits, and a sports drink.

Before lunch, one of the race volunteers gave me my dorsal and a t-shirt. I am number 450. Vamos!


You can see the chineese tourists in the back! 😂 Sevilla downtown is full of tourists! I can see the cathedral from here..it is just amazing


Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I met two guys while I was having luch. They were 30 and 27 and looked like pros. Javier and Adrián. I told them that it was going to be my first triathlon. Their reaction was like…

“Wow” 😐
“You definitely have b*lls men!” The half is a hard one to start with… Maybe you should have tried the sprint or the olympic distance first… ”

They are probably right! But it is too late! ;)💪

To be honest I think (I am going to double check now) that I am the YOUNGEST PARTICIPANT BY FAR. The people’s age average in the meeting today was like 30-32. I was sorrounded by older people everywhere! They were looking at me like: “Look at this kid! He is so young! He must be crazy. He doesn’t know how hard is this race going to be…”

I was smiling at them but at the same time I was thinking: “All this old people… If they can do it there is NO WAY I can’t do it!


“This guy is fat!! There is no way you are going to pass me tomorrow men” 😎 🙄

We will see tomorrow! Hahah

Now I am going to swim one hour in the river, just to “losse” (I don’t know how to write this word) the body!

The water is green and looks DISGUSTING! 😷💀

And you know what?

I am going to show you!!!

What time is it??

GoPro time  🐸🐸🏊🏊 🐊




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