Who is up for an adventure?

I am about to start a new journey and I want to share it with you

But first of all… Hello everyone! This is my first post so I am going to introduce myself very quick. My name is Guillermo, I am 20 years old and I am spending some time this month with my family in my city Madrid, in Spain. I play tennis, not very good, but good enough to have a tennis scholarship and study in US! I am in Spain just for a couple of months every year the rest of Spain I am in Delta State University, Mississippi. I have been studying in US since that I was 18. Now I am in Madrid until the 21st of June, then I AM GOING TO NY FOR THE FIRST TIME! This summer is going to be great

Even though I am a tennis player and tennis is my favorite sport, I love to be outdoors running. I think I have always been running. When you are a kid you are always out playing, exploring… and I just keep doing that. I think that running is something in our nature. Tennis is really demanding. You have to be focused all time, every point, and practice every day if you want to be able to be competitive. Running not only helps me to disconnect and to release pressure, but also to keep fit for tennis. I like to run after practice because I have time to think about that happened on the court, the things I have to improve, my weaknesses, my strengths… I can’t imagine a life without running

I am from Madrid, which is a pretty big city ( 3.3 million people) so get used to live in Mississippi was not easy at the beginning. The state of Mississippi is more than 200 times bigger than my city but it has less than 3 million people. My university, Delta State, is located in Cleveland, one of the smallest towns in America. Cleveland is in the Mississippi Delta region, “The Most Southern Place on Earth,” and surrounded by farms and cotton plantations. If you want to see where I am click this link!


Do you want to see my tennis team? =)


Since that I have lots of free time and my studies were not very demanding the last two semesters I have been preparing for something… THE HALF-IRONMAN!!! 

The Half- Iroman is a long distance triathlon. It consists in swimming 2km, biking 90km, and running a half marathon (21km)

Do you think is too much?

Ask the people who in preparing for the FULL IRONMAN! I know it is going to be very difficult and there are going to be some up and downs but since that I know that people can do twice this distance I feel more confident =)

i have been training for a couple of months already and I feel ready for the action. It is going to be my first triathlon! It is going to be in Sevilla, Spain the 30th of May, IN 9 DAYS!! and to be honest… I still don’t have the bike and the tri-suit!

The WATER in the river “Guadalquivir” might be VERY VERY COLD, 13ºC / 55ºF ! I have never swam in open waters recently and even less in cold water. I hope to survive the swimming! We will see…

Do you want to see my pool? =)

These previous days before the race I am running in Madrid in the mornings. There was not much to do today so I spent the day walking downtown, visiting my favorite places, and taking lots of photos! I might become a journalist after all! =)

My first goal is to finish. I have been training hard for several months so I am sure it will be a good experience. I am going to bring my Gopro and make some videos so that you can see IN 1ST PERSON how is the half ironman!

See you in the next post!



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